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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2005 at 3:39pm
Music: Play Telex-Radiohead
ANYA! ha well i changed my password anyways so...neener! Jarett lent me his Radiohead cd, and being the moron i am i forgot to return it to him today. so i guess i'll just burn it and give it back to him tomorrow.
i kind of wish i didnt have a sixth period, cuz then i could just chill with all the older kids who don't have a sixth period either, like Jordan or Ben. And my sixth is sooooooo boring! food and nutrition. and we had a sub today, so that made it extra boring. next time we have a sub, im so gone. bitch yes
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03-04-05 12:38am

things are coming along nicley with him i see. visions of a suburban 4-bedroom and 2.3 kids abound.

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03-05-05 11:45am

what the hell are you talking about? which guy in that paragraph of mine were you referring to? jarett, ben, or jordan?

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