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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-3-2005 at 4:42pm
Music: Slither-Velvet Revolver
what do you guys think of my new icon? aaaak im not sure about the "dont believe in faith" part..but i like the other parts? meh..oh well.
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03-03-05 8:00pm

i like it..
but what do the last two lines say?

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Re:, 03-03-05 8:53pm

Don't believe in anything
That you can't tame?

I like it too

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Re: Re:, 03-05-05 12:29am

ooh! yeah. i was tired.


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03-04-05 12:36am

I like it. But you beleive in faith, so scratch that one out...

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03-04-05 12:55am


There, I touched it up for you.

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