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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2005 at 1:41am
Current mood: pissed off
Music: Steve Miller Band - Stuck in the Middle with You
Subject: my OH so interesting day lol
welps this morining mom woke me up like 100 times but i was really tired cause i waited till like umm... 3 to talk to Junior but hey he couldnt call me oh well he hates me But anyways and well after i got up and took a shower and everything i went in moms room to tell her i was ready and she was in bed... i was one ticked pup........ so yeah pretty much woke her up then we went down to Hershals to get the car then was off to the mall... on the way to the mall on the interstate i almost got hit... i was scared out of my mind then after we got to the mall there was way to many people and i got sick....... oh well... i got 2 skirts 2 pairs of shoes a shirt 2 pairs of pants and 2 tye dye braclets one of them says love and the other one says are you ready for this..... Groovy hahaha i love it... it was my fave thing i bought hahaha........ then i also got one that says Support a cure and its neon orange ... welps then we went and ate then went up to Point to the Black Knight Review..... i had alot of fun. i got to see Kevin he was really good i had forgot he was a good singer lol...... during one part he made mom get up and dance with him and then he tryed to get me and i wasnt about ready to get up and dance lol..... and yeah well he almost fell in to some chairs.... SORRY KEVIN! welps then after the black knight review i came home and got online to see if good ol Junior was on and of course he wasnt...... then he ended up getin online like 45 mins later and so i got offline so he could call me all he talked about was me havin his Kid but then he had to get off the phone.. welps that was ok i reckon.. but then i got online at like12:40 and found out he cant cal me for a while cause he got in trouble....... and like i was talking to him online for like 15 mins and he wasnt talking to much and i was like cute how your to busy to talk to me and he was like yeah i am..... pissed me off bad and he was like ill talk to you in 5 mins.... so i was like well fine then Bye and he said bye and well like 30 mins later he didnt talk to me and now hes off line....... He Hates Me whats new tho everyone else does too.... well MOST do.....welps im gonna get off here and go to bed i reckon cause Keshia left me and she was the only one i was talking to.... Oh well...... Goodnight Much love and God Bless
*Kimberly Dawn*
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03-06-05 10:34pm

Kim I'm loving this updation all the time!! <3

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Re:, 03-06-05 10:40pm

I was proud of myself lol

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