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lynds4090 (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2005 at 8:10pm
i'm updating because ashley told me to. lol.
i don't have more to say other than.. hmm.. i can't belive i actrually thought somthing could happen agian between us.. i was dumb.
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03-08-05 3:38pm

pssh yeah thats right...

please try to find that one kid lol hes missing and we need to go on our double dates..yeah I think he left maybe.

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Re:, 03-08-05 5:39pm

I think he never came. but its alright.. we are going to pick up guys at the mall right? then we can go on our double date. ttyl bye! much love

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Re: Re:, 03-08-05 11:01pm

wtf? how can he just not come. well maybe, just maybe I'll see him at the game tomorrow and I can run up and makeout with him and tell him I missed him and/or something fun like that. ha I would if I could but then he would think I was crazy.
We WILL so find hot guys at the mall and were going to go soon I swear.

Much Love,

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