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xoxchubbyxox (profile) wrote,
on 3-7-2005 at 2:54pm
Current mood: content
Music: lovers and friends
Subject: fun vacation
well i spent the first part of my vacation in vermont and then NH skiing nd the like... then i went to NATICK woohoo! lol it was very fun! i stayed with nikkie from wednesday night to saturday morning. i went to school on thursday which was awesome and then ate at georges and hung around julies! then we came home and ate georges pizza again.

then on friday we went out to ac moore and sears and i painted tinkerbell on nikkies wall and a karate person on melissas. we went shopping at the natick mall wihich i missed verymuch and ate haagen daz. lol

then on friday nite i saw cursed which sucked but whatever and then we went back to julies and hung around. me and nikkie stayed up til 2 talking while julie fell asleep like she ususally does lol.

anyway it was the most fun ive had in a LONG time. i cant wait to see u guys again!

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03-07-05 7:09pm

yay im really glad you had fun!! :) hahah ya well i had alot of fun too and i love my wall! its BEAUTIFUL! dude we took sooooo many pictures.. tell me when you get them developed cuz i wanna see them i love you

ya you NH bitches this is the REAL darien! hahah jkjk


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