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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2005 at 5:46pm
Current mood: worried
Music: Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
Hey all, I dont know if you all know Gerado Medina, but today at school, Palo Santianco took a pen, broke it, and cut the back of his neck open, and then stabbed it into his neck.... Hes not in good shape, and its not good. So please give him your prayers, the good thing is that Palo got expelled, and is faced with criminal charges...

On the same note, Katie.....well, still doesnt like me, but Im planning to wait a long time before I give up... sorry these last few entries havnt been happy ones, but nothing happy is going on..
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03-08-05 8:03pm

sorry about that tragic...eek...well i know someone who slammed her head into a glass sink at JDC and she kept doing it until she fainted from blood loss...

holy so sorry about that dude...

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03-10-05 6:36pm

I sincerly hope that things get better for you.
By the way, nice interests. :)


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