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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2005 at 7:21pm
fell off a truck today.
sprained my ankle.
3 hours at the hospital because thats how hospitals are.
no work for a bit, and i can't afford that because they don't pay me for not being there
what can ya do.

please, for me, be safe when you are securing shovels in the back of a truck..because you never know when you are going to try and tighten a strap down only to find that its not hooked to anything and the vigor with which you tightend the strap propels backwards over the edge of the truck, causeing you to hit the edge and flip over the side five feet down to the pavement and sprain your ankle. so, in conclusion, its a dangerous world folks, so safety first, always check that your straps are securly fastened before you yank the shit out of them. thank you.

matthew james hinton
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03-09-05 10:54pm

to your sorrowful plight good sir, all i can reply is that it is indeed a shitty deal.

heal up

take a shit ton of drugs

you'll be better before you come back to conciousness

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03-09-05 11:42pm

and, make sure that Alan stops shoveling to help.

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03-10-05 2:45am

hahaha..the bastard.

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