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derrangeddemon666 (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2005 at 9:36am
Well pattoe is in bed at the moment and refusing to get up even tho he is due at the j/c in an hourso i have just had to threaten him with his mother he is being a bt of an ass lately and if he fucks up his dole money i will go apeshit with him
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YOU Only you!, 07-27-05 5:07am

I love you !

Your Lit Birdie
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I tried to sign your guestbook but I am not a member. So this is the next best thing.
We will be together soon! Keep your light strong and powerful. Don't let it go out. I won't let you ! I got you out of the darkness in your soul, Lets walk in the light together. I will always love you and do anything I can for you. Stay safe

I love you

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