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bootgency (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2005 at 11:13pm
Dark, you have to understand, NES has won, and they won long ago. This isn't something simple about Flooding the channel. Look at the channel. Now everyone goes to Clan NES' channel to 'flame' them for the bots
Maybe that is what they want? Maybe, as Flak put it, he and Ne_Sucks3 wants to play "The game underneath the game." Maybe he wants to play the game underneath that one? Online, you see, he can play with people's mind, when not online, he can tinker with the way the game plays and find out it's inworking. Inside the game, he can do whatever he wants.
Really, all you can do is hope that ne_sucks3 calls off the bots, or Blizzard finally cracks down on it.
Tough luck.
[QUOTE]sigh you dont get what im saying what im saying is i think he just has no life and has nothing better to do then harass clans thats just basiccly the summary of what im trying to say. o well im off to go do something rather then arguing with people.

and also im trying to figure out what kind of pleasure does he get from this it doesnt seem that much of fun wow im sending bots into a channel and just spamming words and then the channel gets put to private then it re opens and you rinse and repeat.[/QUOTE]

See, what you don't understand is, why wouldn't they do this unless they did find it pleasurable? It's the same reason some people feel better after they bash 'noobs', they want to prove themselves dominant and intelligent. I think Flak and Ne_Sucks3 have done that, but that's my opinion.

Flak owned them newbs.
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