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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-11-2005 at 9:00pm
Current mood: frustrated
Music: Ugly-The Exies
1. First best friend: Natasha Wilson

2. First car: It [will be] a Volvo
3. First real kiss: 9th grade
4. First self purchased album: Now 6

5. First funeral: Grandpa Carmine
6. First pet: Sandy-Dog
7. First piercing/tattoos: Ears

8. First Credit Card: I got a debit card back in sixth grade from my uncle

9. First big trip: I've been on so many..I'm not really sure when my first one was, but i guess the biggest and the one i had the most fun (that i can remember) would be the cross country trip i took back during the summer of fourth grade
10. First music you remember hearing in your house: Probably some shitty Yanni music

1. Last cigarette: I dont smoke
2. Last car ride: a half hour ago, when i was forced from the bennetts for no reason by my mom

4. Last good cry: Wednesday night

5. Last library book checked out: Lol it was probably something back in 8th grade that i needed for those points..system things.

6. Last movie seen in theatres: Meet the Fockers

8. Last food consumed: some breaded chicken..substance
9. Last crush: Ben S (yeah, i know, sad isnt it)

10. Last phone call: 10 min ago to Malia who DIDNT ANSWER
11. Last time showered: This mornin
12. Last shoes worn: I'm wearing my running shoes
13. Last item bought: water bottle
15. Last time wanting to die: sometime..last month
16. Last time scolded: Five minutes ago from my mom "KIMMIE ITS TIME FOR BED AT NINE"
17. Who are your best friends: I really don't even ..know anymore. But i will say my D group ladies.

18. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend: Nope, im riding the single train for now
19. Last person you talked to: my mom

1. Do you do drugs: Uh no
2. What kind of shampoo do you use: Dove/Brilliant Brunette
3. What are you most scared of: Failure, Depression, not being good enough, being made fun of, being talked about badly
4. Where do you want married: someplace, someday, somewhere
5. What are you listening to right now: The Exies
6. How many buddies are online: 13, none of which i want to talk to
7. What would you change about yourself: I would change my ubersensitivity to failure. and i would not be so self concious

1. Colors: Green
2. Foods: Brownie mix, cheez its, tacos,sweet peas mmmmm
3. Girl names: Tara, Bryce, Lauren
4. Boys names: Tyler, Ben, Chris, Peter
5. Subject in school: They are all ok.
6. Sports: Running, Tennis, Volleyball
7. Perfume: Be Delicious DKNY (i discovered it first!)
8. Cologne: Fierce is reallly nice

1. Given anyone a bath: uh no
2. Smoked: NOOOOOOO
3. Bungee jumped: yeah
5. Skinny dipped: with these thighs? hell no!
6. Been in love: I think so.
7. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: sort of, but they werent really planned out or anything.
10. Cried when someone died?: No
11. Lied: Oooh im such an expert at that
12. Fallen for your best friend: um no

13. Been rejected: of course
14. Rejected someone: maybe...?
15. Used someone: No
16. Done something you regret: All the time.

1. Clothes: Adidas shorts, t shirt, running shoes, and red nike sweatshirt
2. Music: The Exies..

3. Make-up: tinted moisterizer, undereye coverup and mascara
4. Annoyance: the fact that my mom still makes me go to bed at nine. on. a fucking. friday. night.
5. Smell: that..i just worked out smell..not the bad one..but that good one? you know sort of like outside...fresh? lol. that made no sense

6. Favorite artist: Anyone that can express themselves without sounding retarded is good by me.
7. Desktop picture: sort of thing. im not really sure

8. Book you're reading: Thesourus

9. Cd in player: Crossfade

1. Understanding: Usually

2. Open-minded: Usually
3. Arrogant: I hope not, I don't think so...
4. Insecure: A lot
5. Interesting: Yea in a really interesting way. cuz im cool like that

6. Hungry: Not really.
7. Smart: Yes, of course.

8. Moody: I guess i have been getting annoyed lately.
9. Hardworking: Yes

10. Organized: Mostly

11. Healthy: Yes


13. Attractive: Maybe to a lemur

14. Bored easily: yeah

15. Responsible: usually

16. Obsessed: About..what? i can get obsessed..its bad
17. Angry: Yes

18. Sad: Depends

19. Disappointed: Depends

20. Happy: I guess, im in that Limbo stage where im fine with how things are, but they could be better

21. Hyper: Not at the moment
22. Trusting: not really
24. Legal: um. no. >.<
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