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siyumai (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2005 at 8:00pm
Lmfao. I'm over Jenns house.. yesterday was her birthday, and today we were going out to eat to celebrate.

Well, we went to Applebees, and Jenn was wearing her "Vote for Pedro" shirt. We had the coolest waitress, and she came up to us and started just randomly talking about Napolean Dynamite.

She kept asking Jenn if she wanted a refill for her dew, which was like, every five minutes. XD It was great!

But when we finally had to leave, I wrote a note on a napkin that said,

"Dear Lyn(n),

Thank you for the yummy food. You were a very cool waitress person-lady. If I shall ever see you again, I will probably not remember you. Thank you for the refills.

Love, Us."

And Jenn drew Napolean Dynamite's "Liger" on the side and I wrote "VOTE FOR PEDRO", and we left her a five-dollar-tip wrapped up in the napkin. We tied it to the balloon that she gave Jenn for her birthday, and wrote "TO LYN(n)" on the Balloon so she would see it! XD

Yes, we did the (n) lmfao

But some dude cleared away our table and read the note and went to get our waitress. Like, fifty other waiters/waitresses came with her, too. We had them all laughing so hard!

Then we ran up to her and she was like "Oh my god! I'm going to show everybody, and then I'm going to frame it and put it on my fridge!"

It was so great- we had so much fun. It made our day!
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lmfao, 03-15-05 10:51pm

That was fucking funny. WE NEED TO GO BACK THERE SOMEDAY.

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Re: lmfao, 03-17-05 9:59pm


Yes, we do. And we need to request Lyn(n) <- XD

"Yeah- um, is Lyn parenthasis n end parenthesis working today? Oh? She is! Well, can we sit in her section? Thanks! ^____________________^"

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