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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2005 at 11:40pm
Well, I'm feeling a lot better about this break than I was a few days ago. Friday night I was really torn up about it. But, as Spock teaches... pain is a thing of the mind. The mind can be controlled.

I applied for several summer jobs today, and will canvass the local mall tomorrow. Friday I have two more to handle. This should put me where I want to be goal-wise for apps.

I also have a new gmail account, and I do think I like it.

In RPish news, I'm finally getting around to a sketch of my latest character. (Latest to RP, but she's one of the characters I made over Christmas break, so she's been around a little while.) It's a little more anime-style than most of my other drawings, simply because it's too small to work in the amount of detail I prefer to include. At any rate, when she's finished, I'll let you guys know. It will be on my DeviantART with the others.

I'm proud of my characters. I've neatly avoided the angsty bishounen stereotype as best I can. My characters do not brood or angst if there's any way around it. Usually there is.
I'm trying to cover as many D&D alignments as possible and still roleplay the characters well. It's a little difficult to roleplay a chaotic neutral character, but once you've done lawful evil, chaotic good and true neutral, it's the logical next step.
I'm considering getting involved in at least one board RP this summer. RPGWW (my choice forum of consistent awe-inspiring RP) has pretty high standards, and I'll be interested to see where my characters fit in with the existing population.

Anyway, enough rambling about my characters I suppose. You probably don't want to hear any of the specifics. Just thought it had been a while since I'd rambled for you fine folk.
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03-15-05 7:58pm

bah!! you have a DeviantArt account too???! :-D

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Re:, 03-15-05 9:16pm

Yeah, I gave in eventually because I needed a place to host my sketches of RP characters. Most of them aren't even my characters. (-_-')

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