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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-15-2005 at 10:55pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Gary Allen- Nothing On But The Radio
Subject: Blah!

welps pretty much left school at 11 on wednesday and had a blast in morgantown there was a lot of cuties haha i might talk about it some other time cause i dont really feel the need to right now lol..... welps monday John asked me to Prom so im gona be going YAY lol... and we had play practice monday too.... Oh yeah and in 3rd i almost got kicked out and we also had a 4-H meeting and then tabi came over and stayed the night and rode the Butt with me this morning ...... then today there was school and then band and i made fun of Jason cause i thought he liked little nasty girl (dont ask) and yeah well that didnt fly well with me...... we had long talks today about EVERYTHING and yeah i dont know whats going on with us right now im soo confused cause i get soo ticked off when he flirts with someone else or they flirt with him I just want to kill the other girl.... i didnt realize i still care that much about him....oh well...... but yeah anyways so after band me and jason talked alot and Mrs schoon almost left us cause we was walking around talking and yeah well then we went out to Balls Chapel to make easter eggs and i left and went to dads for a while and like sami didnt want me to leave when i did and i almost cryed cause she was crying and awww i felt soo bad for leaving her......... OH yeah i found out Allison was crushing on Jason and well I thought i could handle that cause i didnt think i actually still liked him but like after we got to balls chaple and seen them flirting i almost went crazy on her i was pissed lol..... and like he could tell i was upset and told me he didnt like her that way and shiz but i dont know........ oh well... welps im gonna go talks to my tabi about all this and then go to bed.... cause im Hella tired and i didnt get home till 10 cause we brought Jason home and went to Jeff and coreys home to bring eggs and now i want sleep haha...... welps leave me some great comments Tabi cause i know you have stuff to say about this haha plus your the only one to ever comment for me =) Much Love and God Bless

Kimberly Dawn
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03-15-05 11:45pm

Well Kim, I don't know what to say on here, I talked to you on AIM about all of the Jason stuff so yeah. I hope things work out for you is all i'll say so you can be happy <3 Well yeah, you should go comment on my journal sometime ;]

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