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bassman (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2005 at 9:03pm
Music: let me go- three doors down
Subject: last night and plans for the afternoon
soo tonight was cool. once again i brought homework home and i didnt do it. soo all i did was come home and chilled out at the house and i watched tv till i fell asleep for 2 hours and now here i am up at 12 in the mornin not tired grr..and i woke up went to kfc where i said hi to shay and roman. which was cool. then came home talked to elisha for like an hour. oo and i got my frickin mugshot (my license) i just wanna burn it but i gotta keep it for like 4 years which sucks. soo pretty fun. today i will prob mess up and go to the wrong lunch and stuff but o well wht can ya do? and after school i am going and getting her and bringin her back to my house where i'm sure we'll "watch some movies" . lol. soo hopefully today will be good. well i'm out
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