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drowning-in-you (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2005 at 11:05pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: Most Girls - P!nk
Subject: feelin used
all of a sudden i'm feeling used by you...i was upset because you called me when you were drunk & all you ever talk to me about is how you want to fuck me...and i don't know if i can take this anmore beause i still love you so much and i have a feeling you don't love me anymore...i'd love to be w/ you again, but what's the use when i know i'd just be a flavor of the week?...maybe you just like me because i'll give you the love you want...but do you really like ME?!...i want you to stop, but somtimes i can't even stop myself & that's bad!...why can't you love me?....why can't we be together?...why do you do this to me? later...
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fat whore, 03-25-05 3:44pm

geeze wtf?
just give up.idiots like that wind up getting a girl knocked up and then they have to marry them.And you, didnt you get out of the valley for a reason? find a guy in san diego or least you wont know when your being used.and air supply? comon theyre probably gay and they were always singing about each other.does this sound familiar,talking about yourself??reinvent yourself,for the sake uf yourself.and next time you see him,id kick him in the balls for using you like that.

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Re: fat whore, 03-25-05 3:48pm

what's funny is i had that realization last night after seeing him, so trust me i'm getting the idea that i'm stubborn to the extreme on this the air supply thing, i just got in one of my moods where i started listening to shit my dad listened to lol...there's actually a different guy in the pic, so i'm way over this asshole...& trust me, i'm so pist w/ this guy right now, i'm ready to kick him in the nuts...

but you didn't have to call me a fat whore :( later...

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