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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2005 at 3:37pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: (Dont Fear) The Reaper -- Blue Oyster Cult
Subject: Spring break is finally here!!
Oh god I havent updated in like forever... I am not going to go into detail about everything, but I will give you the basic overview of everything that has happened over the past however many days...

Ok lets see... I think I pissed someone off because I have gotten a lot of stuff stolen from me... A week ago last wednesday... I got $80 stolen out of my wallet... A week ago yesterday... I got my bike stolen... Then between yesterday and sometime earlier this morning... I got my other bike stolen... Both of my bikes were stolen out of the bike racks and I ono what to do... It sucks... I am so freaking pissed off...

Lets go into track talk now... A week ago today I had a track meet up in granite bay and I set PRs in all my races... I got a 5:27 in the mile... And I got a 12:19 in the two mile... Then last wednesday... I had another race and I set PRs in two events.. In the mile I got a 5:25... In the 800, I got a 2:30... Those were my PRs... But I didnt do so well in the two mile and I got a 12:22... I shoulda done better... I am still working on getting out of my comfort zone...

Still talking track... Last night, or should I say this morning... We had a mid-nite madness fun run from midnight to six... It was hella fun... Even though the weather was shit... We set up a tent on the football field and we were partying out there... It got cold though... The event was to raise money for our program sense we are in debt so much... I ran 40 laps, which is 10 miles... And I raised $440 from all of my sponsors... Not bad eh?... I actually ran the most out of everybody there, so as a reward... I am getting my name embroided on my warm-ups and I get to keep them... That is tight stuff right there... I think I raised the most money too... So I might get something off of that too but I am not sure yet... We'll see, we'll see...

What else has been going on... School... One more week once spring break is over for term 3... I am going to miss term 3... It was the best term I had... But thats ok... I had an awesome time... Math... I love math... I kick ass and take names in math... I had a 98.1% last time I checked... Thats something to be proud of...

Sorry for not updating as much as I should... I have been busy and stressed out... I hope no one missed me too much...

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03-19-05 8:12pm

Term 3, the best term? Haha, far from it.

Math was hell. I hated math <.<; Damnit. I am going to fail. And the sad thing is that I don't really care. Actually, I'm lying. I really care but whatever.

And I have a confession. I stole all your stuff.. haha just kidding. I would have given them back by now. BTW, someone stole your other bike? Wow.

I missed you, you doofus. Haven't been able to talk to you much, you shithead =\

Love you hun

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03-19-05 11:40pm

Wow, that does really suck...I'm sorry. If you ever find out who took your stuff you should smack them.

I forgive you for not updating. I know you've got a life outside of the computer.

Don't Fear (The Reaper) is the most awesome song ever...although I guess Godzilla might be able to give it a run for its money. Ah, all the Blue Oyster Cult songs are good.

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