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nightshade666 (profile) wrote,
on 3-20-2005 at 10:11pm
Man, this was the best weekend ever. And oddly I'm in a great mood as I post this. And they called me a pathological liar. I really am not going to deal with any of the bullshit anyones giving me. I'm going to post this once, then never again. If you don't want to start something, then use common sense and don't be a fuckhead. If you hurt someone, they will try to hurt you. Don't act all offended and like you stand on a fucking pedestal. You started it. Don't act like you're the better person. Dumbass. I don't want to be involved in any more shit. I've tried to avoid it. Then people head my way with it. People tell Jay I have a beef with him when I don't. People talk behind my back and smile to my face, yet they expect me not to be angry? No. That's not how things work. If you wrong me, I will wrong you, be it with words or fist. I am malicious, when you do something to me. I will go to extremes. I'm sick of it. I am not afraid to hate you. I am not afraid to lose you as a friend. Any of you that downplay me in any way. I don't care if you say it in front of me, then I know your opinion, but when you act two-faced, and try to slander me behind my back, then depend on me for rides, or act nice to me, I will destroy you. I think I take back my vow to never hit a woman. Why be righteous when women can be as serpent-tongued as men.
Despite people bad-mouthing me behind my back to Jordan all the time, we're together again. I think that's why I've been so great. So like I posted once before. I win. *gives the devil horns* Rock on bitches.

Qoute of the moment - "YOU BOYS LIKE MEXICOOOOO?!"
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03-20-05 11:03pm

hi jimmy....what up yo...kick it old school yeah so what category of people do i fit into...if any are applied to me...just wanting to know

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03-20-05 11:14pm

what the hell did tony do ?

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03-21-05 5:40pm


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03-22-05 7:21pm

I Heart You.

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