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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2005 at 12:41am
Current mood: a mixture of moods lol
Music: Trick Daddy-sugar
Subject: A few days

welps thursday was Saint Pattys Day..... nothing happend besides people tryed pinching me even tho i was wearing a green hoodie and they could plainly see it was green lol Oh well.. then friday mom let me stay home till 1st period was almost over cause i really didnt want to go 1st or 2nd but she was mean and made me go b4 2nd.. that jerk haha oh well at least i missed first i came in the last like 10 mins and they was watching Veggie tails lol it was great Mrs Shaw was like "Kim you made it just in time to watch Veggie Tails with us" i bout died lol..... then after i got home mom told me she went and got the pigs so i had to go look at them and pick which one i wanted.. then i tryed to sleep but it didnt work to well... then went out to dads and made fun of Grace soo much it was great...... i have never seen my dad laugh that hard in my life lol..... Grace said the stupid thing of "can you hear the light"....... and dad was like what and she goes the light cant you hear it..... it wasnt the light it was the stove but she thought it was a little night light that was in the room where you take off your shoes and such....... and Dad was like well Grace me and Kim are gonna go out and listen for the moon want to come........ she got mad but it was Great fun anyways .......... you know what Sami is the best little kid in the world and im not just saying that cause shes my sister shes just Great lol.... i want my kids to be just like her cuase she acts so much like me already its great lol......... and i mean my kids are gonna be awesome lol with a Mom like me and a Aunt like her haha cant wait lol...... well i have to wait for a while cause she has to be old enough to baby sit for me haha.... welps then saturday i had to get up way earlier then what i wanted cause yeah well i had to go to Saturday school ..... i seen brandon there with his boots that came up to his knees lol.. Keshia you sure do have a winner there haha welps then i finally got to leave Saturday school with good ol mama pyles lol and showered then went to Keshia's home brandon was already there and then david came for a little while and played his guitar then we went down to the pigs and stood there and made fun of Jason some cause hes gay and cant drive a go-cart lol he dont know we was makin fun of him tho lol...... welps then we watched Saw.... thats a dumb movie Keshia liked it but she went to theaters and watched it too so she didnt pay alot of attention to it when we watched it..... then we sat around then watched The Five People you meet in Heaven that movie was Great i really liked it... it was sad in some parts tho and Tabi I cryed...... so see i do cry at some movies lol.... i didnt cry when i watched it with Keshia and brandon but when i watched it again today with mom i did...... but yeah today woke up at Keshias was lazy till like 3 then came home was lazy here washed some clothes then went to the mexican place to eat then came home and watched The Five People you meet in Heaven and still loved it.. cryed and everything haha.. great movie everyone needs to watch it....... welps then after the movie i got online..... and now here i am lol....... i cant remember if i told ya'll or not but me and John are going to Prom just as friends but still im going lol i think it will be fun cause John is soo funny welps i dont know what else to talks about lol so im gonna get back to talking to Eric and Jack.... Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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03-21-05 11:43pm

I'm glad you and John are going to prom together!! It's gonna be awesome, well I hope so anyway!! <3<3

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