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charlessumnerthatsickfuck (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2005 at 12:26am
I just got done playing euchre in the lobby w/ some guys from my hall. Turns out the boys love journey...which makes my lap top music library happy, we listened to the best of all time balled, and wheel in the sky. Colleenie and i have been on a wining streak, until tonight. we got beat, but we laughed hard and had a good time. I got back to the room and turned on the tube to find Brain Green (renounced physicist, and author of "the elegant universe") on David Letterman and Larry the Cable Guy(Coiner of "get-r-done) on Jay Leno. I love this culture, so many choices...its hard to think all of this color comes from one society. Brain Green revealed info from Einsteinís theory that backs up my belief that time travel is possible. I must make note to tell the engineering majors about this... especially the ones who said i was wrong...mwhahahha. they've actually done experiments w/ jet and the most accurate clocks possible to prove that time travel is real. Einstein had equations for it. it's simply traveling faster than the speed of light and gravity. i'm excited. well, off to bed for this little trooper. nighty night night

Brian Green is full of awsomenosity.
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