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lovethehibiscus (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 5:13pm
Current mood: accomplished
Music: unmade bed - sonic youth
Subject: untitled for now
dear aaron,
by the time you read this i will already be on the interstate. i bet right now you are looking around the house and yes, its true, all of my stuff is gone. your letterman jacket is hanging in the hallway closet. the locket you gave me still dangles around my neck. i havent decided if i want to hock it or not. this is it baby. heres my final goodbye


i admit it: i have no idea what to do now that i've hit the interstate.

the exit to my parents house is coming up in twenty. honestly, id rather drive in to the atlantic then stay with them.

exit 37 is now in my rearview mirror.

sun was pouring through my windshield, blinding me. i pulled down my visor and to my surprise a picture of aaron and i tumbled on to my lap. picking it up, i glanced at it with a half bitter, half nostalgic smirk.

'gwendolyn sharp? what a name.'
aaron turned around and commented. the first words he ever said to me. burned on my brain forever.

actually, that first meeting is as branded in my memory like my name or phone number. it was the first day of senior year. he had been late to first period and the only seat left open just happened to be right infront of me.

i smiled and coyly asked, 'well, what is yours then?' by then the classroom, students, and the teacher still calling out roll simply faded away.

'aaron daniels.'
there was a pause.
'i think you win with the cooler name thing though.' and with that we chatted for the rest of the class.

hook, line, and sinker.
maybe it was his witty personality. perhaps his startling green eyes that clashed with his strawberry blonde hair. all i know is that he caught me.
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04-01-05 11:43am

dude .

you are crazy good .

like aaron caught gwen .

you caught me w/ your writign !

love you,

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