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ladymcgrady (profile) wrote,
on 3-23-2005 at 8:34pm
Music: Nelly Furtado
Cuz this life is too short to live it just for you
But when you feel so powerless what are you gonna do
So say what you want.
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03-25-05 10:47am

No, i dont have a journal on woohu as of now, but i enjoy reading yours. Tell me more about yourself, other that the profile of course. What do you do at your job? Do you live on your own?Why cant you have a dog? Is your boy friend really that wonderful? Describe yourself in a sentence?

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Re:, 03-26-05 2:59pm

I'm an inventory specialist so i go all over PA and some other nearby states and do inventory for stores...i count stuff lol, itz not bad but i gotta get up really early in the morning, like 3:00, cuz we usually have to travel 2 hours to get to the store, i do mostly Eckerds, they have their own special crew lol :) i still live at home and my parents wont let me get a dog cuz they dont wanna have to watch it, so as soon as i'm outta here i'm gettin a dog lol...and yes, my boyfriend really is that wonderful :) he's just perfect for me, we get along so great and he's just the best that i could ask for...sweet, kind, caring, forgiving lol ;) he's just...perfect :) and i'm not answering your last question cuz there are a million sentences that could describe me and i hate questions like that lol...i'm just me.

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