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da-units (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2005 at 9:43pm
Subject: hmm..chel
well yes...our night at philli's home was wonderful. we ate all her food and treated her like a slave and she would yell ate her brother "HEY POOPYPANTS CLEAN THE HOUSE!!" and arielle was trying to get him to come out of his room and she was like "I've got food out here.." lol it was hillarious! yeah so pretty much i cant wait for tomorrow though cause i'm hanging out with my stud muffin all day! yay! and i cant wait till monday cause corbin winget (a.k.a.- the coolest kid ever) is going to drive me to school. how fun. good luck to you by the way corbinator! oh and easter is sunday! yay! i like easter! i get my napolean movie from mike tomorrow! thats my easter present! yay! how exciting is my life? too exciting i know this. way more exciting than REL's life. geesh..but you dont even have to think twice comparing those two things together. mine is way better. lol im just kidding!


later yo...
Chel-Unit... =)
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