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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 1:14pm
Current mood: anxious
Music: The 21st - Blue October
Subject: reach, reach for the girl..
pouring rain, doughnut morning
it's raining, and all you can think of is Her.
a box of doughnuts runs across your mind,
it's chasing hotel key cards, and firey bathing suits.
your mind returns to the moment of the first.
you can almost hear snoring in the next bed...
your thoughts wander down empty hallways,
listening to the sound of Her voice.
all these memories seared into your brain forever.
two months without Her looms ahead,
if only you could rewind,
and pause life on the morning of pouring rain and doughnuts

(c) hols 2005
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