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Jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 11:17pm
Recent news.... sorry I haven't updated.

First of all... remember how my roomate moved out at the beginning of the year because she 'wanted a room to herself'? Turns out she thought I was a lesbian.
Awesome. Fucking brilliant and awesome. But at the same time.... why am I always the last to know? First, no one told me I was pregnant (my mother thought I was because strep throat was not the obvious answer... pregnancy was), and now this??

Also, the girls in the room directly below mine were singing all fancy-like. They were being jokingly operatic and it was cool. I replied and we had a sort of bizarre duel. This escalated beyond their Disney medlies and ended in me singing Der Holle Rache (the aria of The Queen of the Night in Die Zauberflote).

If any of you have heard that song... you know what happened.

Yeah. It was a lot like that.
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I'm laughing, 03-27-05 12:42am

Holy shit! The lesbian thing worked? That IS awesome. I remember you telling me that idea on the night we graduated while we were in my car and my mom laughed with us. I'm glad that you did that, because I found it hilarious then and even more so, now that you've actually succeeded in scaring your roomie away.

Strep throat again? Didn't you have that last winter, too? That sucks. Heh, and your mom thinks it's pregnancy? Okay, then. What is it with moms? My mom says the same thing every time I call, even if I'm not sick. It's "you'd better not be pregnant." I'm careful, jeez.

Hope to talk to you soon. I miss ya.

~Ashley L.

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Re: I'm laughing, 03-27-05 1:24pm

Nah, I'm still bitching about the first time she thought I was pregnant.
What's really funny is that I didn't mean to give off the lesbian vibe. I just kind of do, apparently.
I also am neither a lesbian nor pregnant. My parents don't inquire about either one at this point. They leave me alone.

Brian says, "The irony is that while you have proven you're not a lesbian, you have not proven you that you can't get pregnant."

I'm not going to use that to prove my sexuality to my parents. Let them assume.

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