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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2005 at 10:55am
Current mood: cheerful
Music: Ghost Man On Third - Taking Back Sunday
Subject: i cant stop this anymore than you can...
happy easter!
im rather happy today.
dunno why.
but i suppose it doesn't really matter, so long as i am.
i love the smell of the house right now, it smells sooo good!
the lovely smell of turkey, veggies, and just general cooking.
dad's old highschool buddy and his wife are coming over for supper.
i got lucky, their daughter is staying home to do homework.
so i can pretty much do whatever i want after the meal.
i think i mgith come up here and a watch a movie on hmy computer.
last night mum and dad bought me Fly Away Home, and then today i got Shrek 2.
speaking of movies, justin and i went to see Guess Who last night.
twas a lot of fun.
oh, and the movie was good too. ;)
i stayed up late reading The Twisted Window, again.
i checked out a bunch of my old favorite books from the library.
i got a bunch of Caroline B. Cooney books, and then The Twisted Window (Lois Duncan).
i just couldn't sleep without reading the whole thing.
it only took me 2 hours.
i got pretty paranoid last night, and actually ended up looking under my bed.
it didn't help any.
my whole nighttime paranoia is getting worse.
but i'd feel so stupid telling my parents about it...
i dont even know why im scared..
mean, i know what im scared of, but i dont know why.
ever since i moved my bed over there, ive been freaked out.
but, i cant move it.
anyways, i think that's about all i have to say.
have a great easter everyone.
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from erin, 03-27-05 6:14pm

i'm still absolutely terrified of the dark and being home alone

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Re: from erin, 03-27-05 7:50pm

i wish my problems were that simple.

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