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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2005 at 10:09pm
Music: Here Without You
Subject: Blah, blah, blah.
Meh, stuff happens and life goes on, I guess.

Talked to the guy who thinks I'm a traitor for leaving him to seethe in his own emotions. Talked to his friend that took someone out of my life that shouldn't have been in it in the first place. Told the lying wench to get out of my face. Alot of things were said, but life goes on.

I feel like I hurt him, or lead him on... I wanted something tangible, but I was afraid. I'm still going to prom with the other guy who only wants to be friends. Alot of male issues, yes...

Lucina Coil is a good band. Listen to them, I guarentee you'll have an orgasm. (Well, maybe not an orgasm....)

So, I'm thinking about dating the scales friend who is half ram and half fish... strange, a cusp-child. At least I know where his perversion come in. :) But fish are calm, beautiful things... that's how he is inside. How could I have been so judgemental on someone I don't even know? Ah, she was such a bitch to make me believe it all...
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03-31-05 9:22am

Lacuna Coil

:) They are good, though

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Re:, 04-01-05 12:25am

Ah, I spelled it wrong. >.< Oh, well... it's not like I know.

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