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xonixieox (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2005 at 9:52am
Current mood: Hungover
Subject: FuN aSs NiGhT! !

well.. im not gunna lie.. i had an AmAzInG night last night.. it was long needed! ..

well janets mmmy wasnt home so we stayed at her house with Ryand and his girlfriend Gabby.. Then Nikki and steve and some other people were there and they taught us how to play kings! let me tell you.. its a fun fucking drinking game! seriously.. like its crazy! ya.. so anyways ryan got me, traci, janet, and ashley all smirnoff, so we drank.. me asd ashley got drunk.. janets got really drunk.. and traci was like crazy out of this world shit faced.. it was hilarious.. she just kept drinking and drinking.. then nick, tyler, moustafa, and Cj came over, and tyler and moustafa didnt drink.. but nick was fucking trashed to the point he couldnt stand up.. it was fucking hillarious! hahah i was laughing the whole night.. by then it was only like 10:30.. so at 11, traci's mom called and was like im here come outside.. we were all flipping out becasue she was sooooooooo drunk.. but she pulled it together becasue she called us and told us she got away with it.. then after everyone left, me and jan and ash just went into janets room and talked about EVERYTHING, but janet fell aslep and so me and ashley talked for a while

well i have a headache lol

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04-04-05 3:02pm

I LOVE U NIKKIE!!!... lol yea so i jsut sat here and read this whole page of entries... let me say ur life is more intresting them mine... lol i dotn even write in my joulrna nemore cuz it would b the same thign everyday lol... but i just wanted u to know that i love u!!! and we need to do somwethin sometime... we havent hung out in a while :-(...

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Re:, 04-05-05 2:53pm

aww lizzy i miss you and i love you too.. you by the way have a very interesting life. and i ONLY write about the exciting things.. so if you did that our journals would be the same lol.. anyways i just wanted to comment back and say haha i went out to lunch today and you didnt! lol jkjkjk i love oyu

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