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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2005 at 11:42pm
Do you want to know how much of a geek I am?

I think I'm going to write up a journal for my RP character (my main one, anyway). This will create a pseudo-narrative-thing for the campaign Brian has been GMing. But mainly, it will allow me to be more of a hopeless geek.
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04-04-05 1:43am

You say "geek" like it's a bad thing. Geeks and nerds kick major ass, my dear. Write that journal! Show everyone just how cool you really are!

Oh, and hello...toldja I'd say hi every now and again, didn't I? Oh, and thanks for bestowing your blessing upon me and mine last week. That made my night.


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04-04-05 1:47am

Good idea.

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04-04-05 5:34pm

..Wait, that's geeky? *slides the notebook filled with RP stuff behind her back* Gah, you geek, I would neeeever do that.. >> << >>

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Re:, 04-04-05 10:49pm

At least I feel better. (^__^)

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