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firefromash (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2005 at 12:11am
Music: AFI-This Celluloid Dream
Subject: Havn;'t updated for a while.
Joy Division is a good band. Old and bad recording, but good all the same.

and Sophia, if you read this.. I can burn The Art of Drowning, and Sing the Sorrow by afi for you for your trip :)

wow, I havn't checked my "top 25 played songs" on iTunes for a long time...I've played This Celluloid dream 66 times. in like..not very much time, cause I restarted the play-count on iTunes about a month ago. haha..I love that song. I've played the leaving song 57 times.. the last kiss 35 times..and the lowest on that list is 24

anyway.. um..I don't really have anything to say... today I went to anya's house with gabe and mandy.. sophia was gonna come..but couldn't, and nora was gonna come, but couldn't... but we watched eurotrip and ate pizza. we were there for like 5 hours. pretty fun. anya thought it was boring..I didn't think so.

I poured zippo fluid all over my hands and lit them on fire at gabes house...I haev a couple blisters from that, the fire woudln't fucking go out. damn that hurt. other than that I havn't done anything today.

yesterday sophia, mandy, and anya came to my houes and gabe and I showed them our songs..and covers and stuff. gabe pussied out on singing the verses on the one song we have lyrics we like and can sing. we're never going to get anywhere..he was afraid to play in front of our best friends.. we'll never be able to play anywhere. on the other hand. I did my yelling version of 'I wanna mohawk (but my mom won't let me get one) by AFI..and played guitar at the same stuff. we watched spinal tap again, and for anya it was the first time. That movie only gets better and better. then we just kinda..hung out for a while until we decided to leave my house. we were about to go and Iw as gonna spend the night at my house when I scratched my arm and was surprised to find a mother fuckgin tick on my arm. sooooo, I had to go take a shower, check for other ticks...and THEN we all left. I guess they liked our songs..but they would never tell us they sucked I don't know if they're telling the truth.

wth is up with AIM!?!? it hasn't been working at night..for me or anyone else I think... it's pissing me off. oh well, I guess I'll go to bed now. good night.
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its anya, 04-04-05 5:01pm

omg i would tell you if you sucked...aaaaaaaaaaaand you don't

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