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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 4-4-2005 at 8:12pm
Omg... so I am sitting in art today and I'm just looking around while I'm working on my project. I was just looking at random people and I happened to notice that Gus had his leg sort of crossed and rather propped on the table...kind of an odd position. Well, we all know he's a denying queer and though he should come out...well I never expected this sort of coming out....

He was wearing this odd outfit today, sweatshirt and adidas shorts...really odd...he has really long legs..

but anywho,..I was looking...and his shorts had flopped had his blue boxers... and it took a minute to register that i was looking at his penis!

Oh my...gosh
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04-04-05 9:42pm

lmao, nice

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04-04-05 11:12pm


That had to be strange.

Isn't it weird how after you notice things like that you cant help but stare though you know it's not something you really want to be looking at, it's just there.

..or maybe that's just me.

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