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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 4-6-2005 at 6:37am
sometimes i really feel that something is wrong with me.

i start work at 6 am, it is now 6:37, and here i am. fucking fired. because my stupid alarm clock was an hour slow.
why does this always happen
why can't i just work
hold a job
make steady money

its fucking depressing, its not like its hard to keep a job. everyone does it, but here i am..this is now my 5th job since september.

well fuck..i don't know

this jibbers everything up.

but now i have to go really get fired face to face, so yeah.

matthew james hinton
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04-06-05 9:50am

I'm so sorry Matt. I love you. Just come home now.


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