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danibean (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 4:31pm
Current mood: tired
well, day 2 at the grindstone. woot....tomorrow i work from 9-3. then i stopped into the ice cream store today to drop off my app. and i guess we're opening on saturday instead of next friday! soooo, instead of having a somewhat peaceful weekend, i work saturday 11-3:30 at ice cream, then 3:30-8:30 at steins. sunday 12-5, monday 11-4:30, and wednesday 5-10. ahhhhhhhh.........i'm excited though, i can smell the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)

in other news, ryan called yesterday. we talked for over an hour and i didn't excatly ask him about prom. stupid me. i asked him if he was busy that weekend and he said he was booked until graduation. *sigh*...after talking to him i want to go with him more now than ever. i knew that it would be too much like a fairy tale and somewhat too good to be true if he could come. i just wish it would work out between us once. just one time. it's so hard too,...........ughaglkajglashdgakjdlfkaj. that's that. i have to be real, and i'm realizing that.

anyways, so i'm finally growing up i think. i'm starting to get ancy and wanting to get out of crap hole cedar springs. i'm excited to work 2 jobs now and maybe 3 if i do the farm this summer. if i can keep up. it just seems that i don't really care about high school things anymore. it just all seems stupid. i want to move on with my life. that's a first though...i'm not afraid anymore i don't think. and i know i'll make it.

well, i should get cleaning....if anyone wants to hang out when i'm NOT working, let me know.... :)
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04-07-05 11:54pm

Ya know, you'll never know if you can get something if you don't go for it! Take chances it's what life's all about! Glad ta see that you feel your growin up, -Personally I've always thought you were very mature, and it's cool to see that you're life is starting to unfold, I hope everything works out for ya with ryan and prom! I'm lookin forward ta seein ya there!

-K. Loye

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Re:, 04-07-05 11:57pm

thanks keegan!!! i'm sooooo glad i got to know you this year. you are an awesome guy and have taught me a lot wether you know it or not!!! have a great rest of your break!!!

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04-08-05 1:04pm

oh all of the people to call cedar a craphole.
thats so scandalous danidear

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