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da-units (profile) wrote,
on 4-7-2005 at 11:48pm
Subject: its me...Chel-Unit. this is basically a letter to REL i if it doesnt interest you and your name isnt REL-UNIT then you may just skip over it unless you dont have a life i
well...i thought i would update cause i got us this sue-weet picture! REL, i hope you like it...i'm pretty sure you will. just needed some change i guess...i dont know...

I miss you REL-UNIT!!! and..i miss mike. =( lol. im going to see him on saturday. he's coming over to J-units house with me for awhile. i dont know what else to say. Jessi came over on tuesday. we were going to invite you over but then found out you could only do one thing over break and figured you would rather do the kt thing and then come to find out we're not doing anything with kt. dumb. but yeah...update this and your xanga when you get online. abuncha people are starting to get xanga now. its pretty but yeah I miss you alot Ari. lol! i am really bored right now. i cant get to sleep. this is the only day i didnt do anything really. monday i went to amos's house tuesday jessi came over, and yesterday i went to mindy's. well today i guess was ok. i went to j-units and me and c-unit(chloe) went for some walks, went to the park, and went to get ice cream...yumm...=) makes me smile. im going to make mike get me ice cream on saturday. or atleast walk with me to get ice well i guess im going to go. call me if you get the chance. maybe if you havent done your one thing yet you can come over tomorrow or something. i dont know. i'll give you a halla

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