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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 4-8-2005 at 1:45pm
Music: Napander!!!
From: funhottiesexy8

hi hun

great pic you have online you are hot
i am glad we are close
let's chat hun

Yaaaay fanmail.

This is my favorite machine in the world. Next to Santo.


Also, here is an awesome song for you. I know no one ever checks them out but here it is anyway. It is fun and plays around with you speaker's stereo function.

Give Yourself A Stereo Checkout by The Bran Flakes

Also, it looks like I'm not going to the Eisley concert tonight due to lack of transportation and on account a' not even Eisley is worth 15 freakin' dollars. I mean, they might be but the crap bands they're opening for aren't worth it. Seriously, I'd take any Nickleback clone over an emo band any day. Not that I'd enjoy either. Sigh, oh well. There's flatfoot 56 concert comin' up which just might make up for that and the fact that I'm probably never going to make it to Cornerstone Fest this year to see my beloved Ballydowse.

I read a story about some aliens going to Mardi Gras today. It was okay. I also bought three books yesterday, one of which I am going to burn. I am not a fan of book burning but this one deserves it. I have learned my lesson; cool cover art does not make up for a bad story. It is so dumb. The writer keeps going on and on like this:

"Space. Space with stars. Space with planets. Space with epiphany. I'd traveled through it a thousand times but only saw one. One cheeseburger. The cheeseburger of beef. The cheeseburger of our lives. Just one. Just one lonely cheeseburger. The cheeseburger... of life."

Then as if to make up for using rhetorical devices, he launches into pages and pages of porno. That is like saying, sorry I rammed your parked car at 65 miles an hour, guy. To make up for it I will break both your legs with this lead-core baseball bat.

Honestly. I think I will exchange it for an Asimov. But I have this feeling I should burn it and spare all of mankind the pain of its existance. Plus it is one of those books where I knew the ending as soon as I started reading it. Here is what will happen: mankind will somehow revolt and free the universe of the alien oppressors, but not without opposition from a few corrupt people who are using the aliens to gain power over alien races. Woooo I didn't even have to read past chapter three.

I will write good books someday.

I think I will start reading this other one I bought called "Dark December" (which is so obscure as to avoid Amazon's ever watchful gaze). It is a depressing post-apocleptic story but at least there's no porno and the author hasn't tried to use retarded essay technics in his fictional prose. I also bought another one called "Scorpions" because it looked awesome. It is about mutant scorpians tearing apart the inhabitants of California. I mean, what would you rather read about, epiphanous porno burgers or "the grotesque insects and their repulsive tide of blood-soaked slaughter, tearing innocent victims limb from limb, leaving a hideously mutilated trail of bodies in their wake"?
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04-08-05 5:00pm

No Eisley concert? That's sad. But fifteen bucks is awfully steep. Especially if you have to sit thru crappy bands. No Cornerstone either? Bummer. Alas, I will probably not make it to Burningman this year. Which has been my pipe dream since I was a sophmore. Damn college starts too early.

Those books sound interesting. Except the one about the pornburger. But I'd trade it in instead of burning it. Someone might like it.

I think I am done writing a novel on your journal

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