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yadiffy04 (profile) wrote,
on 4-9-2005 at 1:52pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: Nothing Else Matters- Metallica
Well, as you can see in my mood, Im not too happy.... Raul is being a bitch right now. Ive been listening to that song up there^^^ for like 3days straight, nothing else so I can learn the guitar part to please the band. I swear, right now my life sux.... Raul is like, were going to my grandmas today so we cant practice.. but I was talking to his dad, and his dad said we could practice all night. I feel like Im pulling too much shit for them, hoping something will happen, but nother ever does. No, hey Stephen come over, lets work on a song, hey, lets all go hang at Pizza Factory. Its always Morgan come with us, we dont want HIM to come. Or, Morgan, come over to play with us, but dont bring HIM and Im like right there. It fucking pisses me off soo much you dont even know....

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04-09-05 5:13pm

Aw Stevo :(

I hope things get better... and that's a good song yep.


♥ Jean

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04-10-05 11:52am

I honestly have no idea how many times I have to tell you that you're better than them!!!!

If you're sick of it... tell them to fuck off. If you won't... I will, because they can go to hell for treating you like this.

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Re:, 04-10-05 1:31pm

I know, but its what I love doing.....

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04-13-05 7:17pm

im soprry you are going thru shit...

i am too...but u have to be strong for me...

and i have to be strong for u i guess...

hey i didnt cut yesterday and i was really depressed!

im so glad

ill call u...eventually...if u can ever talk...

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