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threshershark (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2005 at 6:38pm
Music: A Walk Through The Powerhouse // Mr. Melvis
Ugh. One week is not enough Spring Break from school. : P

POW and kyle dives off the ring apron straight into the stomach of Ben who has not called back about that concert he told him about on Friday! He is busted wide open, folks, this is the match of the decade.

I made my interests list awesome, you guys should check it out.
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04-10-05 10:25pm

Haha, Kyle, I love your new icon.

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Re:, 04-10-05 11:13pm

Thanx you sir

I beat Crimson Room. I am slowly learning that you should pay money if you want games to be any good.

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Re: Re:, 04-11-05 10:32pm

sorry about that, rachel's fault really

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Re: Re: Re:, 04-11-05 11:04pm

It's okay Ben, i did some stuff anyway.

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