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kermie561 (profile) wrote,
on 4-10-2005 at 11:36pm
Current mood: good
Music: If I didnt believe in you
Subject: Huckaro this song makes me think of you
hey you guys its time for an update. well ive been out of town for a couple days. if your special you know how much fun it was. anyways i had to go since i didnt go last year and i missed it so much. i felt so at home with all those others who shared the same passion. it felt so real and connected. anyways... recap... me and john p. hung out quite a bit. it seems like he's doin well (ladies wise as well lol) but did a couple dance workshops stage combat improv. beyond comprehension incredible. ran into some old people Monique c. this girl is gorgeous now. not saying she wasnt beautiful but she most deffinately is now. you know what dreyfoos crew i run into you guys all the time so you really dont count. fun times though. now to mainstages... Joseph and the technicolor bullshit. that was the title. andrew lloyd weber must be turning over in his bed by now. 129 people is rediculous for that show.oh and the poodle just a tad superfluous. (oh yeah big word) couldnt understand them. and choreography looks like something fat albert made. but yeah on 1-10 its deffinatley N/A!!! beauty and the beast... i def enjoyed. it was incredible by means of tech and by singing and choreography. i enjoyed it so much. rose effect was awesome( i know how they do it) but incredilble. sad thing is mrs. Potts ruined my song the "beauty and the Beast" Song. i still enjoyed it. and the dance was good for some people. i just couldnt dance though. i felt somehow wrong doing it with another girl. kinda stupid but that what she does to me make me feel stupid in love... anyways thats pretty much what happend its back to the salt mines in the morning. face the music anyways. you guys have good slumber and "ACT WELL YOUR PART FOR THERE ALL THE HONOR LIES"!!!!!!!
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