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charlessumnerthatsickfuck (profile) wrote,
on 4-12-2005 at 11:24pm
"i had to wean my self off because durning the summer i was having sex like every day" it's been a good night! 'LINCON, U HURT ME!" WE BROKe lincoln in the lobby, after a fantastic photo season.... i love melissa,...this is a great semester.... CRACKAGE~! OW ok, such a good drunk night....ik have a lot of typos in this postssssssssss i don't ave to drink alone...'that pizza was good" "a polar bear fell on me" now melissa is niting...... but w/ the neddles up her nose~! "would u like up my ass" "they're going to be able to tell this is a drink post
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04-13-05 12:56am

i lovvvveee you baylee!

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