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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 4-17-2005 at 10:52pm
ok heres alot of stuff to read haha sorry i forgot to put them on here on the day i actually wrote it love you guys

Sunday, April 17, 2005
welps this weekend has been REALLYfun lol to start with i thought it was gonna be soo boring and i would be alone all weekend but no mel saved me from the boredum haha Yay for mel but yeah i was cleaning my room cause i got told i was being grouchy so if i was in my room i wasnt bothering anyone lol so thats what i did and i thought i would clean out my closet cause i wasnt gonna be doing anything all day so what the heck why not lol... then at like 4 something Mel called to see if i wanted to go to the rodeo and of course i did cause i wanted to see what kris looked like haha....... hes a cutie ...... but yeah she came over and got me and we went to the rodeo and was acting dumb it was great... with Shannan yelling at me calling me Red cause he forgot my name..... lol i thought it was cute of him seeing since hes family and all...... welps i also liked how SOMEONE kept on staring but i mean Hey he didnt know it was me lol....... me and Mel kept on walkin past and was like i like starin problems cept she said it in like this BIG hick voice it was great...... welps it was over at like ehh 9:30 or so and like we was talkin to Shannan and didnt know it was over and like everyone started leaving and he was walkin back on the bleachers... he was the only one on them it was funny. so we ended up leaving and going to Ashton cause thats the new hang out spot if you didnt know haha... not really but we went cause someone was there so Mel had to talk......... and Jamie Kept on making Dairy Queen jokes and he didnt even know what was going on haha it was great........ then we went to the fire dept. it was funny... cause Shannan got there and like chased down Jamie..... then mel acted like she was gonna leave and like i went after her and she was just moving her car and jamie thought mel had left me and was like well i can bring you home but then mel walked back over there... and we stood outside for a long time cause Jamie thought we was leaving and locked the door..... welps then we finally decided to go home@ 11 and mom was waiting for us like we had did something wrong.... welps then we dont on the net for a while and i talked to Kris on Msn and was fussin at him for not talking to me at the rodeo and mel kept on laughing at me cause i was dancing and such...i had fun tho lol it seemed like everyone wanted to fight with me last night i dont know why either but by god i was fighting back lol then at like one something Kris was getin off line so i called him and i didnt have his # so he was like well look it up and i refused so Melody being the nice friend she is looked it up and i called him and talked for about 30 mins or so.. then me and mel got back online and such. and finally went to my room at like 3 something to go to bed but didnt end up going to sleep till like 4:30.... Did you guys know that mason 80 is in a different time zone haha Got to love that Justin casto haha welps then today we got up at like ehh 10 something and we layed around for a while then we started watching ladder 49 and we had to stop it a few times cause once we had to go look at the little ducks and once we had to move peaches then at like ehh 2 mels mom called and told her to come home so mel left and i finished the movie and cryed for the last 20 mins if not longer of the movie.... that movie is one of the best i have seen in a LONG time everyone leave your computers right now and go get it good job have a nice day lol.... welps after i got done watching the movie i went outside to my piggies and played with them some cause they are getin fat cause they are to lazy lol then i went to find my 4 baby ducks... aww they are sooooo CUUUUTE i love 'em even tho the mommy will not let me close to them or she will attack.... almost happend 2 times today lol........ welps i went down to the river with mom and she almost flipped the 4-wheeler cause she isGAY and dont know how to ride one lol...... then i came back and moved peaches to a pen down by the dogs i mean the dogs can't see her tho so thats a REALLY good thing cause it is too hot to keep her on the porch and she was acting funny all day like something is wrong with her welps then we put up the pigs and me and mom watched Ladder 49 cause mom wanted to see it..... i have decided she has No Heart! she didnt cry at all.. didnt even have tears in her eyes...... i can listen ot the song at the end and start crying.. soo sad....... then i got on here and talked to Kris some and i think he blocked me cause he was being a big Jerk and i told him about it and he told me he had to go but he would talk to me later...... and got off line.... so im guessing i was blocked... dont really hurt my feelings tho i mean people block me all the time lol oh well no going to Dairy Queen for him hahahaha welps then i showed and now here i am being bored but now im gonna get a going so i can talk to melody and Micheal Much love and God bless Kimberly Dawn

Friday, April 15, 2005
Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. Write down what it says: "sweet stuff?" Emmett calls pot "sweet stuff"
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first? a Chair
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV? Passions
4. Without looking, guess what time it is:5:15
5. Now look at the clock. What is the actual time? 5:26
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear? the water running in the bathroom
7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing? at about 2 i went down to my piggies
8. Before you [started this survey], what did you look at? icons
9. What are you wearing? shirt and shorts
10. Did you dream last night? yes i did... to long to write tho
11. When did you last laugh? yesterday sometime
12. What is on the walls of the room you are in? pictures of my friends
13. Seen anything weird lately? not really.......
14. What do you think of this quiz? its gay
15. What is the last film you saw?hum...... dont know havent seen one for a few weeks lol
16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first? a sporty car a pretty yellow one
17. Tell me something about you that I don't know: welps cant say lol cause everyone knows everything about me but this one thing
18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do? so there wasnt anymore wars. cause i get tired of always hearing about them
19. Do you like to dance? LOVE it
20. George Bush: ehhh... no comment
21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? Alexandra Nichole
22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?Bradin micheal or xavier (dont have a middle name yet) lol
23. Would you ever consider living abroad? sure. dont know what it means but sure lol
24. What do you want God to say to you when you reach the pearly gates? not sure hope its something good tho

nothing really happend yesterday it was a pretty boring day... i came home and went to sleep at like ehh 4:30 or so then got up and got on here and talked and ate some $5 pizza yummy that is like the best pizza in the WORLD then i went back to bed.. and this moring when i got up i couldnt bring myself to get out of bed IM SORRY SHAINA!!!! ill be there all next week and if not you can get really mad at me......... my back hurt so bad today i didnt do anything or go outside like i usually do or anything welps thats about the mist of my 2 days.... nothing all to exciting..... welps ill update later if anything happens..... Leave me some comments Shaina and keshia..... Much love and God Bless


Wednesday, April 13, 2005
welps nothing really happened today besides we got yelled at in 2nd.. cause our group was talking outside of the class talk... it was gay but hey we always get yelled at in 2nd...... oh yeah i got in trouble in 3rd too cause Mr Grady is a jerk he was like Kim do you plan on passing this classand i told him i was passing and he was like well fine...Gosh i cant stand him... 4th was gay like always besides the fact Wesley head butted me it hurt REALLY bad mean mean Wesley......i have a bruise (spelled wrong) on my hip from where he head butted me i dont know if i have a stop on my head on not cant really see my head cause of my hair and such... welps then there was band.. gosh i love it lol.... me and Jason had one of our walk and talks i Love talking to him it makes me happy 90% of the time haha.... then i rode the activity butt home cause he had to ride it and he wanted me to so he could have someone to talks to... and like i figured he was gonna sit like in the seat beside me or in front of me or something but no he sat with me lol...... and we talked about alot of stuff then too...he's gonna start talking to me more or so he says but im not gonna get my hopes up.... I just want to be good friends like we used to be. cause i mean we used to talk ALL the time. and now we dont talk at all hardly ....... welps then i came home and ate and such then got ready for Church....... i was gonna call Jason and have him go with me but Alison goes to my church and like yeah i didnt know how that would go lol..... so i didnt call him........ but i drove by myself to church YAY i was happy...... cause mom is gay and will not let me drive much by myself. could be cause all i have is my learners.. not real sure tho lol......... welps me and the tater tot talked about Jason coming to church with me and such and she said she didnt care.....which even if she did .... i dont cause hes still gonna start coming with me on Wednesday nights lol he dont know this plan yet but its gonna happen .. welps then at 9 i watched the first show of that Revolations.... that show is really good.. cant wait till next wednesday at 9 ... then i went to shower.... came in here and read some of my bible..... cause i have decided i need to start being a good girl again..... i mean I'm not that bad the way it is but i have caught myself cussing alot and such. and i dont like it... so from now on gonna try not to cuss... cause i mean i just started cussing again reasonly ....... hopefully i will be able to read my bible very night im gonna try just like a chapter a night or something like that....... hopefully i dont get to lazy............welps that was all of my day...... Leave me some Comments Keshia... cause shaina dont leave them anymore Much Love and God Bless Kim

Tuesday, April 12, 2005
yeps not aloud to have the phone with me anymore after mom goes to sleep... im no longer trusted.... stupid late night talks..... now like ehh last year she never knew bout them like when i would talk to Eric or anyone...... yeah never found out but this year shes like super mean mom at action lol... Oh well...... just means i have to talk on here more and people will not get the full effect of the oh mighty Kim welps this is gonna be a very short entry cause i have to go be a clean kid and shower splish splash i was takin a bath.... ok enough song and little dance...... Leave me some comments.... i love to read them i really do even tho i reckon the Grand Shaina dont love me no more cause she will no longer comment i guess she is boycoting it..... welps ok Shower now Bye!!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2005
welps just got home from school not to long ago... thank gosh i dont have to ride that buss any longer then i do afrter the little ones get on there...... it smelled like WET DOG! made me sick.... welps anyways on to what happend today... welps i didnt want to get up cause i was on the phone till like 3:15 this moring then i was talking to mom cause she has got up and was laying on the couch and i had went to the bathroom and she stoped me on the way and asked who i was talking to and all that jazz.... so i talked to her for a little while then told her i needed a little bit of sleep b4 school lool so i went to bed and then this morning i thought i was gonna die cause the bitch that thinks shes my mom but is the farest thing from it (Grace) decided she was gonna yell at me 1000 times to get out of bed like 45 mins b4 i even had to get out of bed.. so i yelled back and told her to shut the fuck up cause i was sleeping for 45 more mins... well i guess she didnt like that cause she left lol.. welps then i got outside and it started raining some... but like not alot so i didnt go get a umbrella... i should have cause it was raining harder after school lol... welps in 1st i actually worked the WHOLE time lol.. i was proud lol i dont think i have did that much work on there in FOREVER lol...... welps then in 2nd it was gay me Keshia and Shaina got yelled at.. wel not actually but we got told that if "the little group having their own convostation" couldnt jion the group talk then we shouldnt talk at all... and everyone knew she was talking about us cause shes gay like that....... but welps then there was lunch and Velva actually talked to me for more then a second i was amazed cause i mean usually she dont want people to know she knows me lol so what you dont like family that does that......then in 3rd Kesha wasnt there for our group so me and Shaina didnt know what the crap we was doing lol so mostly we just sat there lol.. and i talked to Mrs Kay and Jenn and Bobbi and Mrs Buchannan lol it was FUNNY stuff..... oh yeah and i left for a while to talk to Mrs duke to tell her i couldnt be in the play cause i have alot of stuff going on..... i feel really really bad about not being able to do it but she said she understood she told me not to feel bad about it that she understood but that they was gonna miss me... but like i havent been to practice for a while and i felt like i was leting everyone down cause i wasnt there and i said i could be but it seems like everything is happening and i dont know i just couldnt do it........... I'm Really Sorry!!.... im gonna help like pass out programs and stuff tho i think or at least she said i could help do stuff like that........... welps then on to 4th. i walked with John over to 4th and talked to him till the tardy bell rang...... then read and almost feel asleep but Keshia was sitting behind me and i was scared to sleep haha.... cause i mean she was hitting me or trying to write on me... that mean mean person haha... welps then after that it was time for HOME lol YAY..... the buss was fine up intill we got to ashton. i wanted to tell sharon to let me off there cause the little ones smelled SOOOO bad...... i swear it seemed like 100 nasty wet dogs got on the buss . it was Gross...... thank God i got off the buss when i did...... welps then i got home and started listening to rolling stones and ate some pizza.. and now here i am.. getin ready to go down to the pig pin to let them out in the big lot to play in the mudd lol.... i might update later if something happens that is worth knowing about lol.... Much love

Shaina rememeber Rodeo Saturday i dont want to go by myself cause i mean there is the Rodeo rapist there haha.. love ya!
~¤Kimberly Dawn¤~

welps im gonna put a song on here for your entertainment lol.... blast from the past with the Rolling stones


"Paint It Black"

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a new born baby it just happens ev'ry day
I look inside myself and see my heart is black
I see my red door and it has been painted black
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facin' up when your whole world is black
No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue
I could not foresee this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough into the settin sun
My love will laugh with me before the mornin comes
I see a red door and I want it painted black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
Hmm, hmm, hmm,...
I wanna see it painted, painted black
Black as night, black as coal
I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky
I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black

haha some songs had dumb words.... oh you should actuallty hear it tho it makes me laugh..... oh and one more..........another Rolling stone

Get Off Of My Cloud :: Rolling Stones

(M. Jagger/K. Richards)

I live in an apartment on the 99th floor of my block
And I sit at home lookin out the window imagining the world has stopped
The in flies a guy who's dressed up just like Union Jack
And says, I've won five pounds if I have his kind of detergent pack

Hey, you, get offa my cloud
Hey, you, get offa my cloud
Hey, you, get offa my cloud
Don't hang around 'cause two's a crowd on my cloud, baby

The telephone is ringing I say,"Hi, it's me. Who is it there on the line?"
A voice says, "Hi, hello, how are you? Well, I guess I'm doin' fine"
He says, "It's 3 AM, there's too much noise, don't you people ever wanna go to
Just 'cause you feel so good, do you have to drive me out of my head?"


I was sick and tired,fed up with this and decided to take a drive downtown
It was so very quiet and peaceful, there was nobody, not a soul around
I laid myself out, I was so tired, and I started to dream
In the mornin the parkin tickets were just like rags stuck on my windscreen.

welps i hope you guys had as much fun as me .... Keshia... Shaina.... you guys know you love it lol..... Much Love and God Bless


Monday, April 11, 2005
yeps wel 4-h was gay like always... welps im gonna go work on my xanga now and make it all pretty once more lol...... wish me luck lol im not the best at making things pretty yet lol.... Much love and God Bless

Kimdawn! haha

yeps well today i havent did anything..... well i took care of my piggies and such and washed clothes but thats it lol cause i was being a slacker and skipped school lol.. opps......... welps i went and got my dress fixed its soooooo PRETTY! i love it .. then i got a Gino's pizza... yummy and wellps thats it lol...... now im getin ready to go to 4-H to see the Grand Keshia.......and all the little ones lol..... and turn in a poster that took me 5 mins to make lol.. its crappy and looks gay but OH well.... ill update later and put a song or quotes or something interesting on here later...... Much Love
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Hiii Kim!!!!!! <3

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