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iwasthinkingthat (profile) wrote,
on 4-18-2005 at 7:50pm
Music: Yellowcard- Underdog
Subject: Sun = <3
Today I went to Onieda Shores with Tasha...the beach was covered in grass and there were little people with yellow shirts asking about oils so we decided to leave. We picked up Matt and Armando and went to Sylvin Beach...wind is cold. When that got lame we went to Zebbs and Tasha and I pigged out and the boys watched. I called into work and now I really do feel sick.

I have a headache and I am exhausted. My dad says my eyes are looking puffy insinuating that Im getting sick again so he is urging me to rest...Im so bored.

My mom is trying to paint my room because all of a sudden she thinks she is a interior decorator since she re-did my house. Well I dont want some fancy paint on my walls and I dont want it to look stylish so she is mad. Im leaving for college in a few months why would I care what color my room was?
Some more on my wanna be mom... She wont let me keep my sneakers next to the door. Instead she proceeds to throw them up the stairs into the hallway and then into my room. Last time I checked shoes go at the door. I can just see a guest walking into the house and my mom throwing their shoes up the stairs. She acts like we live in a fancy house where we are too good for shoes. Fuck that...if I want to walk into my house and put my shoes where shoes go (next to the door) then Im going to do it...
And thats my pointless rant.

Today was half good and half I was having fun but then I had that thing in the back of my head creeping forward...does that make sence?

Thats about it....

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tasha says..., 04-22-05 2:31am

cops are so my favorite

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Re: karlene says..., 04-22-05 10:40am

cops <3 me and that is why they stop me for ridiculous reasons...they just want me in their pants.

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