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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 4-20-2005 at 8:31pm
Current mood: tired
Music: Silence
Subject: What a hard term...
This term is excruciating... Sorry about not updating... It may be a while till I get around to it...

Happy Nation Weed Smoking Day... <-- Pathedic Holiday...

Whatever... I hope everyones still alive and my absense isnt upsetting anymore...

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04-21-05 12:30am

National Weed Smoking Day is so pathetic I wasted five minutes of my life typing a rant about it. Haha.

Je t'aime ma vache.

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04-21-05 1:03am

Still alive, not upset. I'm not having what you'd call an easy time of it either. No more school is so close I can almost taste it...but they have to dump everything on us at once, to make sure they get it in before vacation. Band competitions...the play...tests...AP's crazy.

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04-25-05 1:21am

Excruciating hm? Could it really be that difficult? Hmm... well I guess it can since I have to admit, this term is also my most difficult term of the year, but yes, I'm still alive at this point , and I do hope I don't die, yet. But anyway, we both just havta hang in there and wait it out, I guess. Not much we can really do about it.


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