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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-22-2005 at 8:37am
Current mood: bouncy
Music: taking back sunday.
i get to leave work at 7 today :) im oh so happy :))) . i hooked up my best friend with a guy i like . but it dosent matter cuhz he dosent like me and she deserves a guy like him . :) im so fucking happy for her . :) i love her to death and i would much rather see her happy than myself . i want to go see bryce this summer . we'd have the best time . or he could come down here . i dont care . i wish guys like him lived down here . all guys want here is sex . not counting aj (anysias *my bestfriend* el boyfriendo. :) ) anyways ; im going to work till 7 :) then gunna see my el best friendo :) cant wait . well... later


im out and on the parkway , patient and waiting for headlights , dressed in a fashion thats fitting to the inconsistencys of my moods.

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me on the swing outside.
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haha leighanne talking... her and her gangster self. :)
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goof balls :)
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