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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2005 at 4:44pm
Current mood: annoyed
Music: AFI
Subject: Lifes little piss off's
Today...hmm Im not quite sure what you might label today as. The day was an utter bore, until annoyances set in. First off, the fourty dollars yesterday that I "Miraculously" found in my account? It was my entire centre link payment for the next two weeks. I received a letter today "Your centrelink payment has been suspended" Im like...Ohhhh the fuck it has. So I go in there, and they say they sent me a letter. Im sitting there just thinking: *Cough* Bullshit you did *cough* But of course I kept my manners and did not *rolls eyes* Then I find out that my foolish fucking school has sent them a letter saying Im in year ELEVEN. *shakes his head* This is how goverment institutions are run. By fools. Then they took ten minutes to find someone to say to me (However he was nice and seemed genuine) "Look mate, we dont need verification or proof of your enrolment just call up and find out if your full time" Im just sitting there thinking...And this lady couldn't tell me that because...? So now I urgently need to get in touch with DECV and get them to tell me whether or not Im a full time student. Fan-Fucking-Tastic.

Merh, hopefully from here the day can do little but improve. Ah and also, had lauren telling me last night that we wouldnt be doing anything today because of her homework, turns out it was because Sarah was coming over...Seriousley, can anyone tell me the need to lie about something that small? Honestly? Why couldn't she just say... Oh no, Sarah's just coming over so we cant do anything. *rolls eyes* Seem to anyone else like the phrase compulsive liar is going to turn up?

We are, regardless, going to see a movie tonight. Interpreter. Oh, *chuckles* Sorry, I know I refer to her too much, but another little annoyance. I asked her today whether we'll go see Amytyville horror, and she says "Oh Im going to see that with Sarah" And I just sat there stunned and thought...Right...and we organised to go how long ago? But I let it go and all I said was "Well am I going to come or...?"

*shakes head* Sometimes...its not worth the effort...but then sometimes...the good times make that comment so obsolete. Love is terrible no?

Did have a great night last night however. Not to mention my birthday comes in rather less or in exactly one week. Im hoping to receive "Johnny the homicidal maniac" and some money.

Also lately, Ive been looking into business idea's. I want to start up a laser skirmish in my area, I think the revenue would turn out ok, its on a main highway that you generally have to go on to get to Eden or NSW from melbourne or to get to lakes entrance. Im hoping to get some figures by calling up other skirmish places and pretending im a school student doing a project.

Also looking into finding another job, Ive been notified of a full time position with workways, and a 12 hour a week position with a fruit and vegetable shop...which honestly would be'd turn out to be about 120 dollars a week...thus 240 dollars every fortnight, the maximum I can earn is quite honestly it would be a fantastic oppurtunity for only 12 hours a week...extra cash.

Anyhow...Im off all, enjoy this entry eh?
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04-27-05 10:51pm

I think you need a teddy bear.
They help.

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