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ghostintheshadows (profile) wrote,
on 4-27-2005 at 1:29pm
Its a pain in the ass having friends live with you.
They are always there, i dont know what to do you know?
Gah, he doesn't have a job, so he's got no money and he's always here, what do i do?
i dont want to kick him out and be an asshole about it, but on the otherhand its not like he doesn't have a place to go.
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04-27-05 3:18pm

Tell him how you feel. Tell him he needs to find a job or else he is going to have to leave. You are not the one who should be supporting him.

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Re:, 04-27-05 6:10pm

i live with my best friend now. but we are never really around each other. her parents adore me too so. she goes out when she wants and i go out when i want. and we dont chill outsdie of the house anymore ..


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Re:, 04-29-05 11:59am

i have, he says he's looking for a job.

he's putting apps in place but not calling on them :(
oh well, fuck it.

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?, 12-08-05 8:37am

I don't know what to tell you, but i do know what you mean. I have 3 exchange students at my place right now and they don't ever have money to buy things for themselves and they are never thankful for what i give them! what the hell is up with that? why do people have to be so lazy and ignorant these days? what's happening to our world?

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