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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2005 at 8:42am
Current mood: chipper
Music: taking back sunday.
yo . so i have a new liking . his el nameo is robin . im not quite sure if i like him yet .. but im pretty sure i do . well i finally got my period lol . i was a month and a half late . i know you guys wanted to know that lol . hmmm .. went to work on tuesday even though i didnt go to school . didnt bring enough tampons then i had the driver ... my friend dan go get me some . i was like "look for the purple box" he came back .. he brought the purple box .. but with the PURPLE tampons . those things are huge as a mo fo ' . ben took me home . listened to smile empty soul on the way home . :) it was raining.. i was sick . and depressed . ben made me feel better . he always makes me laugh . :) got home . went to sleep . woke up at 7:30 a.m. and my mom was about to take my bro to school . and im like "where are you going?" and shes like "taking your brother to school; i tried waking you up for school but you didnt budge and you were coughing all night . and you were up for a few hours in the middle of the night so i let you sleep." and im like "mmk" . and shes like i dont think you should go to school . she left . i got ready for school . so i could go see alicia and alison . got to school . alison IM's me on my phone ... saying that she stayed home with a cold . then i remembered she asked me for gum and i gave her half that was in my mouth . thats how she got sick . we were'nt thinking . :\ so i got my best friend sick . i felt like poop . she didnt come to school today either . talked to billy last night . talking about alison,alicia,me,and him . hes taking the 3 of us to get birth control when he comes down when hes done with college for this year . which is next week . i cant wait ! im getting my tounge pierced pretty soon . no im not allowed ... my friend is going to do it . but i know im going to get caught becuhz i yell alot and my mom will notice .. i dont know what she would do . when she saw that i pierced my belly button .. shes like "whats that?" and im like "are you serious, you know what it is." shes like take it out . so i did . blah blah . so yeah ... alisons coming with me cuhz im kinda scared .. :\ lol . saturday hopefully me and britt are gunna hang out . :) we'll go to her house .. invite a few people over then get drunk .. cuhz her moms going somewhere and wont be home until sunday night ... and her dads in michigan . it'll be pretty awesome if everything works out :) cant wait . im anticipating so many things . billy coming.hanging out with britt.alison coming back to school.getting my tounge pierced.getting a car.getting my permit.vans warped tour.summer.everything. im doing pretty well . well im gunna go so britt can read all this and she can comment . :)
later kids ♥

youve got this silly way of keeping me on the edge of my seat
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