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xk7x (profile) wrote,
on 4-28-2005 at 7:37pm
when ppl always ask whats wrong most of the time they dont really care about you but just want to know your problems so that they can feel better about themselvs knowing that they arent messed up
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04-28-05 11:39pm

That's not true Katie..besides, everyone's messed up. And if they aren't, they really truly are because they arent. That doesnt really make sense, but it does.

People do want to know your problems to help. Most times they can't it seems like what you think....I dunno, could be wrong, but thats what I see

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<--ngin and madmunk-->, 11-03-05 10:47am

Well i skipped and came to library to mess around on the computers. I went to google and started putting in peoples names, and then xk7x. This site came up so i started to look through it alittle. LOL. Then I found yur journel. It's got some crazy stuff in there. If you ever want to call or chat or somethin i'll be around somewhere. And when u said that no one will miss you, well me and madmunk would. member ill be around somewhere so call or somethin.


Madmunk:long time no see k7 lol man things sure are boring in this hickvill usa, kansas... O_o o_O X_X argh!!!! man i miss halo... vet veet veeeet and oh yeah VEEEEETTTT!!!!! (lol) xD i wish that i had alot of time like Gregory (ngin) man onec i forgot thet my name was jonny so i only responded to Timothy lmao. man.. i tried to im you in yahoo but u never respond back U_U (sad) hmmmm i wish my brain would work but i'm brain dead now.....the only word that i can say is now VEET.

Alright well im goin back to school now i dont know about Timothy. Im going back for my 2nd hour of the day to talk to Zeke and then probably skip my 3rd and 4th hours and play some halo or somethin.

P.S. This ngin thinks yur realy cute and wants to see a better pic of U. OK? Later.

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