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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 4-29-2005 at 7:41pm
FRIDAY has finally come!!!! i can relax. Today was a good day...i got to just sit and talk with friends in 2 of my 4 classes and in the other two all we did was watch a, i wish everyday could be like this.
The other day i was talking to Evan about how i think that im not pretty and how like noone likes me other than him. And he kept telling me that that wasnt true and i was like yea it is. Then we were talking and he was like "well i think i just found someone who likes u" and i was like "yea right" and he was like look, and he showed me part of his convo with a JUNIOR...ohhh yea :-) his name if Brad and ppl call him "Teef" but i dunno y...and this is pretty much how the convo went.....Brad is talking to Evan
Brad: So how r u and Annette?
Evan: Great, what made u think of us?
Brad: Cuz if u two ever break up, i might just have to get a piece of that
Evan: What do u mean, do u like her or something?
Brad: Well i would have to get to know her, but she looks pretty good for someone her height
and then they talked more and Evan sent me what Brad said about my was something like...."dude, she's got a nice ass..." and he said some other stuff too...omg let me tell u, that made me feel really really good about myself. And like a week or two be4 this convo Evan told me that like 5 of his frends joke around with how they like my ass...and that made me feel really good too...i still think that im not that pretty, but atleast i know i have a nice looking ass :-P
Tomorrow i have a soccer game all the way in Delaware...its like a 2 hour fun...not! i hate long drives cuz they r so boring. i think im gonna have to play the whole game cuz we r only gonna have like 11 players show up. So that means im gonna be really tired. I hurt ly ankle and my knee at soccer practice yesterday and i really hope they feel better by tomorrow cuz i want to be able to play to the best of my abilities. After the game im gonna come home and imediatly take a shower cuz i HATE the feeling of being sweaty and dirty. After my shower im prolly gonna sleep cuz ill be really tired.
On Sunday im gonna get together with Evan...i think im gonna go to his house at like 11 and stay there till like 7 or 8 cuz its a school night. I wish it wasnt cuz i would rather stay longer...o well.
Tonight im actually staying home to do gonna go to bed early so i can get a good night sleep so i have a lot of ebergy for tomorrow. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Later.
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