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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2005 at 10:50am
Current mood: predatory
Music: REM
Subject: Scary bitches that climb well wall's in freaky positions
Ring 2, had three best parts: Scary bitch Samara (the dead girl the story kind of revolves around) climing up the side of a well like a fucking spider, I swear, bodies are not meant to bend that way.

Secondly, the whole bath tub scene where water is falling up to the roof and its in droplets and spirals everywhere. (Amazing graphics guys, round of applause)

Thirdly, Crispy M & M's and the company of loz. Naw just kidding, though they would easily be first *chuckles* Aedin's performance, the kid actually acted this time ties with the scary bitch antelope that completely messed up that ladies car.

So yes, I did go see Ring 2. Yes it was pretty good. It had its ups and downs and it was a little jumpy (Jump around not scary (However Loz did nearly shit herself at the start) but all in all pretty good. Crispy M & M's are now my favourite M and M, and theatre coke isn't actually all that bad.

Also, I stopped being into playstation a while ago, about 2 years. After that only played it occasionally, never thought I was a fan of war games either, but recently found a game called Conflict: Desert Storm. Which is really well designed over all and Play boy: Mansion which is hilarious in terms of what you can do (Taking topless photos for cover shoots and centre folds and asking stars, celebrities, published play mates and porn stars for interviews and essays) But it just got me back into the mind set that I really....really want to design and sell games.

I also showed my ideas for my business to Lauren, she said the location around here isnt good enough for good business, which Im sure is true in some locations...but on a MAIN highway just out of sale...we cant do that badly...Im still very interested in this and how it will turn out....

Anyhow, Im off before my computer decides to have a hissy fit, throw a tantrum and delete all this info. Take care all. And ChaosDecrepit (Im sure I spelt that wrong) You need to send me your story, you WERE online but you went to bed :-P.

Take care all.

P.S Off of Ring 2: Aedin (pronounced Ay-e-din), Samara and Evelyn are cool names....also Gideon is a cool name. Afternoon all.

*Update* Just looked at the date and its my birthday in two days. Yay for me. :-)

**SECOND UPDATE** Sorry guys, lol just remembered a moment last night in the movie theatre, I had my hand on Loz's wrist and my hand was around my neck sort of propping my head up...and I could feel my pulse and her's at the same time...You know where this is going....They were beating at the EXACT same time...same rythym and timing and everything...I just sat there going...Awww lol. Yeah yeah Im emotionally retarded. Later all.
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05-03-05 1:30am

that movie TOTALLY kicked ass. and its even better when youre lying snuggled together and you feel a heartbeat and you cant tell if its yours or his. <3

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