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hnybee288 (profile) wrote,
on 5-1-2005 at 7:21pm
TODAY i was with Evan and we hung out at his house. Nothing really special to talk about...i beat him three times in darts..ha. and he only won once..[in ur face Evan] Lately he has kinda been getting on my nerves with how he has to be better than me. Like everything i do he has to do it better. For example...we were outside playing soccer and i started juggling the soccer ball and we like started a game about it. And like i won cuz i play soccer and he doesnt and now he like has to be better so now he is constantly practicing. And to be honest, he needs to get over the fact that im better than he is. Im actually better than him at juggling a soccer ball and he cant take it. And when he beats my records, he like throws it in my face and brags about it to make himself look good and that pisses me off. And lately its been happening more and more and if it continues to occur i will say something to him and i dont think it will be very nice. I mean, im not one of his buddies that he can be all competitve his girlfriend and he shouldnt act that way with me. I kinda have mixed emotions about it cuz i might be asking too much of him...but at the same time...its not all that much.
Tomorrow im gonna actually weat heels to school :-) i havent worn to school in a while but that will change. I just hope my feet dont hurt too
I still have to learn how to put pictures from my digital camra onto the comuter so i can put them here for ppl so see. I will ask my dad about it soon and then ill post some pictures. Later.
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