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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 5-3-2005 at 9:35am
Current mood: celebratory
Music: Some weird play school song
Subject: Birthing day
So...its my birthday today. Its gotta be a first that Im actually in the mood for it hmm? My father bought me a scratchie (I won 5 bucks! Of which I shall buy another scratchie with and put away 2 lol) but the rest of my "present" is to come on Friday....I wonder what it could be...and thats not sarcasm either....its either money or hopefully JTHM!! Either would be fan freakin tastic. Anyhow, Im off to celebrate with a bacon and egg mc muffin and a round of mini golf, hoorah!
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05-03-05 12:00am

Happy birthday
Hope you enjoy it

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